At Service Bath & Glass, we have been asked numerous times on what causes window leaks. For that reason we wrote this article in order to help our clients and potential clients with this question. Below you will find the 3 of most common ways on how window leaks can occur here in the Dallas Ft Worth Texas area.

1st Natural Erosion of Window Seals & Sealants

Just like anything else, over a period of time anything can and will breakdown from our weather conditions i.e. snow, sun, wind, rain, or by any other materials or debris that could hit and potentially wear down the general window seal or sealants.

2ndPhysical Damage to the Window

Physical Damage to Any Window can occur in various ways like by either man or by unwanted guests.

By man this occurs when we ever may break a window or window glass either on purpose or strictly by accident. When this happens this can affect the window general seals and sealants that are being used.

By unwanted guests are traditionally what we call insects of any type like carpenter ants, termites, and so on that has the ability to either burrow into the seal, sealant, or the window frame which can cause general window leaks.

3rdIncorrect Installation

This is one of the most common reasons for window leaks. Traditionally this is done and is caused by seals not being properly installed, not enough sealant was used, or the window was installed not square.

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