Beveled Glass

Having custom glass installed in your home will add a new look and feeling of luxury and grace for a fraction of the cost that a remodel wood cost. It adds a depth of style that is usually reserved for the rich and famous and will take your home from ordinary to exceptional in record time without serious construction needed. Our level of expertise reaches into all glass and window installation and will help to guarantee the job is completed at an affordable cost in the most efficient manner.

Our skill will also allow us to help you pick the best patterns and styles to match your home and its look and feel. We can also help to create entirely new perspectives which will add to the aesthetics of your house in every way.

Glass Options

  • Patterned Beveled Glass – Our craftsman will create unique patterns for doors and windows that will add beauty to any home.
  • Tinted Beveled Glass – Tinted glass is both beautiful and energy efficient and looks amazing when applied with a beveled edge.
  • Stained and Colored Beveled Glass – Custom colors can be made to match the home and add elegance to any patterns which are created.
  • Textured Beveled Glass – Textured glass can be used to add privacy as well as a deeper sense of luxury.
  • Beveled Glass for Windows – Our beveled glass can be applied to any window on the home interior or exterior.
  • Beveled Glass for Doors – Doors that are made with beveled glass always looks much nicer than their regular counterparts.

Why Service Bath & Glass?

We are exceptionally skilled in all glass installation needs and specialize in all forms of beveled glass. Our team of professionals will work hard to give you a level of service which exceeds your expectations in every way. We only use the best tools and safest methods available to install glass and put your safety as a priority.