Keeping store windows in good condition for a long time is important for every business. Well-maintained windows can improve the safety and appearance of any establishment. Problem is, temperature, rain, debris, and dust can all add up to the significant wear and tear. That’s why we at Service Bath & Glass always make it a point to tell our customers that regular cleaning and maintenance are not to be neglected.

Below are some practical tips on maintaining your store front windows.

Making regular inspections

Always see to it that you make a thorough inspection of your storefront windows from time to time. Are the window frames and stash in good working condition or are there already signs of rot?

For double or triple paned windows, look for signs of significant moisture infiltration. It usually indicates that the seal already needs replacement.


Wooden windows should generally be wiped with a damp cloth to avoid accumulating dust and dirt. Generally, you should avoid too much water as this encourages moisture formation. However, this will still depend on the type of wood and the weather conditions in your area. For instance, aluminum or vinyl-framed windows ideally need a soft scrubbing brush with detergent.


Not only sealing helps to secure a window safely, but it also reduces air and water leaks. As a result, it can help save on energy costs and an effective energy saver.


Repainting is usually done every three to four years to maintain the window’s appearance. Make sure that windows are well cleaned first before painting them.

Fixing damaged areas

Address holes, splinters, and cracks as soon as you can. Not doing so causes your window’s condition to deteriorate over time. Identify decaying parts in wooden windows filling in holes and cracks. Also, attend to broken or cracked glass to prevent accidental cuts.

Having regular window maintenance can make your store windows aesthetically pleasing, not to mention energy-efficient, which will greatly help you save up on cost in the long run. Call Service Bath & Glass now for a free estimation.