When it comes to securing your home from break-ins or burglaries, one can never be too careful. There are many points of entry in your home; and while most attention is focused on the doors, windows also need the same vigilance and care. Below are some of the most common and practical tips on how you can burglar proof your window.

Locks – A good quality lock can mean the difference between a vulnerable and secure home. Many experts advise that a powerful window lock should be visible on the outside to alert unwanted visitors that your home is not easy to enter. Most of the time burglars don’t have the time or patience to carefully break in a house, hence, they will likely look for the easies access. If they see that your window locks mean business, there is a high chance that they will look for another opening. If not, trick’s on them for having to try harder.

Window Alarm – You can install an alarm that can detect either a broken or open window or movements around your window. This will both alert you and the authorities of the possible break in and scare off or at the very least distract the burglar.

Impact-Resistant or Reinforced Glass – An impact-resistant glass may cost more than the standard one, but it has the makings of a solid investment. It can protect you from storms, hurricanes, strong winds, and forced entries. Having a tougher glass such as tempered or laminated means forcing the hand of the burglar to either hit it continuously with great effort on the same spot (which will cause a lot of ruckus) or give up on the attempt.

It also helps if you tint or add a reflective glass to prevent the outside from fully viewing your belongings.

Window Grills or Bars – Having metal bars and grills might not be the most modern or most attractive option, but it sure does get the job done in securing your home. Even if the intruder manages to enter your home and break the window glass, he/she will still have to go through the metal bars.

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