Here at Service Bath and Glass, we understand that bathing a baby is not a walk in the park. It needs not only skill and patience of the parent, but also necessary preparations in order to make the bathroom a safe environment. To help you get started baby-proofing your tub and bathroom, here are a few tips you can follow.

  • Make sure that you can regulate the temperature of the water. One of the first things you need to consider in bathing a baby is his/her skin. The bath water cannot be more than 120 degrees F, because even three seconds touching this can immediately cause a serious burn. This is why showering a baby is out of the picture; you need to first test the water before letting your baby bathe in it. The best way to avoid burns is by making sure that your heater is fully-functioning; while for added prevention, you can also install anti-scalding faucets.
  • Cover the spout, faucet handles, and metal bars near the tub. There are two common ways on how a faucet or spout can injure a baby: 1.) if it’s too hot, it can burn their skin; 2.) they can hit or accidentally bump into it, which may bring serious danger especially if it’s involving the head. Observe your bath tub area, place spout covers, and conceal the rest with soft material like cloth or bubble wrap. To be extra safe, you can also childproof the doorknobs and place a toilet lid lock.
  • Keep electronic devices and items with sharp edges far away from the baby as possible. You can place your phones, watches, and other in a dry, plastic container to avoid getting wet. As per devices that need to be plugged in like charger, hair drier, hair iron, or shaver, keep them stored in the cabinet or as far away from the tub as possible. This goes the same with scissors, nail clippers, or even combs with sharp edges. Babies tend to grab anything that is within their sight.
  • Place a bathroom mat. A non-slip rubber mat is definitely a must, especially when your baby is getting ready to stand or walk.
  • Add bath toys. As you make your tub safe, remember to make bath time fun for your baby. You can do this by adding toys, which should never be small enough to be eaten and are made of safe materials, and you can add some music even.
  • Don’t forget your comfort. Since you will most likely kneel a lot by the bath tub, try adding a soft mat or towel for your knees and even elbows.

Stay tuned for more tips and insights in making your bathroom and your entire house safe and beautiful for the family. You can also visit us here at Service Bath and Glass in Dallas Ft Worth Texas for a more professional advice on your bathing and glass needs.