Can’t decide on whether your residence or home space needs standard windows or impact-resistant windows?

Selecting the right design, kind, and even color of window needs time because this can affect the place’s temperature, lighting, ventilation, safety measurements, and of course, its overall appearance.

Here is a quick guide on selecting the right kind of window according to your needs and budget.

Cost: There is without a doubt that standard windows are more affordable to buy and install compared to impact-resistant windows.

However, if you’re in an area where storms, hail storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes are bound to happen every year or a couple of months in between, then you should still consider the latter. For impact-resistant windows may cost more money, but they will still help you save time and money on buying and setting up storm panels or accordion or roll-up shutters.

Also, many insurance companies provide lower premiums to homeowners and business owners alike, who have properly installed impact-resistant doors and windows.

Purpose: Selecting the right kind of window will mainly depend on your need.

Is your house located in a place where a storm is likely to happen? How about strong winds, hurricanes, and/or tornadoes? Does it need padded protection against potential burglaries and break-ins?

If your home requires minimal protection and if you want to customize it according to your taste, then a standard glass window may be a good way to go. However, it is crucial to install impact-resistant windows instead of relying on shutters or panels. If you are after a much stronger protection against high-speed winds, storms and even a shield from outside noise. For impact glass windows traditionally are accompanied with a PVB interlayer in the middle of two layers of glass, which even helps to prevent forced entries and/or break-ins.

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