Bathroom Glass Services in Grapevine, Fort Worth TX

Here at Service Bath & Glass, we understand the need of exceptional looking bathrooms to add a value and beauty to a home. A bathroom is one of the focal points of any home, and it’s always said that you can tell a lot about a person by their bathroom. Therefore it’s important that you present the best possible bathroom to your guest. Our expertise in creating beautiful bathroom shower glass and mirrors goes above and beyond the rest and we always work with the customer in mind.

We know that a bathroom remodel can be one of the most costly and difficult areas of the house to work with and is never complete without new windows and glass in Grapevine, Fort Worth TX. We will use our advanced knowledge and skill in bathrooms to help you decide on the perfect shower glass and mirrors for your bathroom that will add to the depth of your home. We have been creating beautiful bathroom windows, shower doors and vanity mirrors for people in the Grapevine Texas area for years and can do the same for you.

Our Bathroom Services

  • Custom and Decorative Vanity Mirrors – Our specialized vanity mirrors are ideal to add a personal touch to any bathroom.
  • Sliding shower doors and bathtub enclosures – We can replace or install custom glass doors to any existing shower or tub in a very short period of time.
  • Semi-frameless shower doors and enclosures – Frameless doors are a modern touch that gives elegance to any bathroom.
  • Heavy frameless glass shower doors and enclosures – For a stronger feeling and more safety we also offer our frameless look with heavier glass and hardware.
  • Textured, tinted, clear, or patterned glass finishes – Textured glass can be used to give a decorative feeling to a bathroom and tinted options are ideal for adding more privacy.
  • An expansive variety of colored glass – We offer all our glass options in custom colors you can select from that will easily match your existing color patterns.
  • Tinted, frosted, textured, or clear glass shower doors – Our tinted doors give the same feeling of a privacy curtain in any home bathroom.
  • Custom and Decorative Wall Mirrors – Mirrors aren’t just for vanities these days, a well-placed mirror can add a more spacious feeling to any bathroom to any bathroom.
  • Fogged Windows – Like tinted windows, fogged windows are perfect for giving added privacy and a nice decorative finish to any bathroom.

Why Our Bathroom Glass?

Our bathroom services are the beyond that of the competition and we never leave a job site before you are 100% satisfied. We stand by our work and always aim to give you the best work at the most affordable price.