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How To Select Impact Resistant Windows

Having impact-resistant windows for people living in golf neighborhood or for increased security is a necessity. They will give you peace of mind and overall comfort. Here at Service Bath & Glass, we often recommend to our clients in this […]

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Tips on How You Can Have Energy-Efficient Windows

We at Service Bath & Glass always tell our customers that faulty windows are the thing of the past. They restrict air circulation and ventilation during the summer season, while lessening heat insulation during the colder months. Nowadays modern energy-efficient […]

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Store Front Window Maintenance Tips

Keeping store windows in good condition for a long time is important for every business. Well-maintained windows can improve the safety and appearance of any establishment. Problem is, temperature, rain, debris, and dust can all add up to the significant […]

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Benefits of Tinting Residential Windows

We at Service Bath & Glass are known to go the extra mile in making sure that our customers have the most optimal windows for their home. Our home services extend past window, glass, and other fixture installation. One of […]

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How Storefront Windows Help Boost Sales

One of our bestselling commercial windows here at Service Bath and Glass is storefront windows. This is because they are great in effortlessly promoting your goods or services for many years to come. Customers always want to get a sneak […]

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Causes of Window Condensation

Condensed windows can be quite annoying. Glasses become foggy; water begins to build up and leaves droplets on the floors and walls; and your home’s interior can be prone to potential damages. This is why here at Service Bath and […]

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Benefits of Using Insulated Windows

If your windows have been recently damaged or if they have already been worn out, it might be time to replace them with better kind of glass and model. Better yet, maybe it is time to upgrade to insulated windows. […]

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Tips to Burglar Proof Your Windows

When it comes to securing your home from break-ins or burglaries, one can never be too careful. There are many points of entry in your home; and while most attention is focused on the doors, windows also need the same […]

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Standard vs Impact Windows: Which Should Be Part of Your Home?

Can’t decide on whether your residence or home space needs standard windows or impact-resistant windows? Selecting the right design, kind, and even color of window needs time because this can affect the place’s temperature, lighting, ventilation, safety measurements, and of […]

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3 Reasons that Can Cause Window Leaks?

At Service Bath & Glass, we have been asked numerous times on what causes window leaks. For that reason we wrote this article in order to help our clients and potential clients with this question. Below you will find the […]

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