We at Service Bath & Glass are known to go the extra mile in making sure that our customers have the most optimal windows for their home. Our home services extend past window, glass, and other fixture installation. One of our many popular add-ons is Window Tinting. We strongly recommend tinting for homeowners because of the value for money they bring.

Here are among the main benefits you can get from Window Tinting.

Energy Efficiency – Creating energy-saving windows is one of the biggest trends among homes in the country. You too can join the trend without spending more on replacing or overhauling your windows. Tinting can do the trick! It reflects heat away instead of letting it in. This leads to having a cooler home and drastic cuts in your electricity bill.

Skin Protection – Are you worried to take advantage of your room’s view because of the strong, direct sunlight? Residential glass subjected to the right treatment might be your solution. A tinted window is even proven to be more effective than sunscreen. It can significantly reduce the amount of UV radiation that enters your home, and in doing so protect your family’s skin.

Added Privacy – Tint can provide you valuable privacy. Installing blinders, thick curtains, and a more closed window is no longer necessary. See the outdoors as clearly as you’d like, without the risk of any prying eyes looking back at you.

Temperature Control – Nothing says comfort like the ability to move around your home without feeling like you’ve stumbled into a sauna. Avoid the discomfort that comes with having one or two sweltering rooms in the middle of the day, and keep your interior climate consistent with tinting.

Here at Service Bath & Glass, we are confident in saying that there’s a lot more to tinting than meets the eye. It’s a home improvement choice that keeps on giving! Don’t just take our word for it. Call us now for a free inspection and estimate as our representatives guide you every step of the way. Thank you and have a nice day!