Having impact-resistant windows for people living in golf neighborhood or for increased security is a necessity. They will give you peace of mind and overall comfort. Here at Service Bath & Glass, we often recommend to our clients in this situation perfect type and design which will meet their needs and budget. If you’re in the market for this type of window, below are some practical tips to help you out.

Look up more information online – Do your research. Read customer reviews and recommendations in determining high-quality materials. Aside from asking window professionals, it is always a good idea to read up some information beforehand.

Provide custom sizes for your windows – Providing a custom size for each of your windows will ensure that it fits well, making sure the installation process will run smoothly. Also, having it custom fit will see to it that there will be no air and water leakage. Often times experienced professionals can properly measure your windows, but it is still better to be vigilant and check if the measurements are correct.

Select impact windows that are durable – Choose products, sashes, and frames that made from the highest quality of materials. Ideally, the windows should be durable, low maintenance, and made from the latest technology.

Look for a good SHGC – You might have come across the term most manufacturers use, the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient or SHGC. In choosing quality impact-resistant windows, take note of the values. SHGC values range from 0 to 1 and having a low-coefficient means low heat gain. On the other hand, a high coefficient equates to a high heat gain.

Be familiar with the warranty – Always take the time to know what the warranty states. Usually, it varies depending on the windows manufacturer that you choose.

Choosing the right impact windows for your residential or commercial property is essential. The overall product must be proven durable, underwent rigorous testing, and passed the safety standards. We at the Service Bath & Glass in Grapevine, ensure that our products are made of the highest quality materials. We also have a team of pros who can get the job done hassle-free. Call or visit us for a free estimate and consultation today for either your home or business in the Dallas, Fort Worth Texas area.