We previously published a blog article on choosing between a shower door and a shower curtain. If you are now leaning towards the glass door, it’s time to evaluate your bathroom once again and determine if you need a transparent or opaque shower glass. For some people deciding between the two is easy, but we always remind our clients that unlike curtains, one cannot simply change the glass door’s design if it doesn’t fit. Once you have the glass door installed, it will stay in your shower area for years to come.

We at Service Bath and Glass always make it a point to first inspect the space and consult with the client before recommending which type is better. There is no ultimate shower glass door for all bathroom types, but there are surely one or two kinds that can match your needs.

Transparent Shower Doors, (Clear Shower Doors) for instance, have always been the safest choice for homeowners and businesses alike. They are easy to clean and maintain, very neutral, and timeless. If you are after bringing in more light and making your room look bigger than it actually is, then clearly this is the perfect choice. It also looks amazing in complementing brightly colored or very detailed bathroom tiles or furniture.

The visibility that transparent shower doors give is not necessarily a con. It still depends on your needs. It doesn’t provide much privacy, but it can also help you check on your kids or elderly inside. It is also the more affordable choice compared to its opaque counterpart.

Opaque Shower Doors, i.e. textured, frosted, tinted, patterned, are great for people who want to get fun and creative with their bathroom. Aside from its aesthetic benefit, opaque glass is also easy to maintain and gives you different levels of privacy.

This type of glass has an incredibly wide variety to choose from. You can also have it custom-made. The options are endless.

Check out our blogs for more professional tips and insights on brightening up your bathroom with glass and windows. You can also call Service Bath and Glass today for a Free Inspection and Estimate so we can personally help you find the shower door glass for your home. Thank you and have a nice day!