Window Replacement can be a headache for any homeowner or business owner, especially when they consider the process and cost. This is why we at Service Bath and Glass always tell our clients to make sure that when they replace their old or damaged window, they have to make it count. One way of doing this is by getting energy-efficient windows.

Energy-efficient windows might be one of the best investments and home upgrades you can have. They can save money on electricity bills, help the environment, cancel external noise, and protect your furniture from harmful UV rays. The great thing is that contrary to what a lot of people think, energy-efficient windows can also be cost effective. There are some things you just have to be oriented with as the concerned homeowner or business owner.

First: Consult your glass provider for their recommendations. Grapevine, Dallas, and the Fort Worth, TX area can get really hot and humid, and your local team should be able to understand what your home needs. For instance, low emissivity (Low-E) or “high performance” windows are great for blocking UV rays and reducing heat flow by up to 50%.

Ventilation is also important. A lot of window and glass companies make the mistake of installing replacement windows that are airtight, which results to very low air flow or ventilation. This can lead to condensation build up, which is not good in making long-lasting windows.

You also need an efficient window design. Fixed glass can be problematic since it gives great lighting, but lacks in ventilation. On the other hand, moveable designs, particularly double-hung and casement windows, are great replacement windows for air flow and low maintenance. The type of frame to match the glass also matters. Wooden frames, for instance, can be environment-friendly but require higher maintenance, while composite frames are easy to clean and weather-resistant but less premium looking.

Lastly, installation is everything. Once you have all your materials set and your design finalized, it is now up to your hired contractor or glass and window provider to turn your ideas into a reality. You need a trusted local team to ensure the maximum effectiveness of your new, energy-efficient replacement windows.

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