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Tips on How to Make your Bathroom Look Modern

Aside from providing a wide selection of glass and windows for both residential and commercial demands, we at Service Bath and Glass also offer friendly and professional advice in terms of design and functionality. We’ve met hundreds of clients who […]

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Transparent vs Opaque Shower Glass Door: Pros & Cons

We previously published a blog article on choosing between a shower door and a shower curtain. If you are now leaning towards the glass door, it’s time to evaluate your bathroom once again and determine if you need a transparent […]

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Framed vs Frameless Shower Doors: Which One Should You Pick for Your Home?

We at Service Bath & Glass take pride in providing customers a wide range of shower doors to choose from. Homeowners deserve to find the perfect type and design based on their needs, taste, and budget. If you are currently […]

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Tips to Prevent Mold in Your Bathroom

Mold is one of the most common — and if not the biggest — problems of any bathroom. Most the time it can be a simple dot of annoyance, but when ignored and not addressed immediately, it can thrive and […]

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Quick & Easy Tips in Keeping the Bathtub Baby Friendly

Here at Service Bath and Glass, we understand that bathing a baby is not a walk in the park. It needs not only skill and patience of the parent, but also necessary preparations in order to make the bathroom a […]

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Should You Go for a Shower Curtain or a Glass Door?

For most homeowners, securing the privacy of their bathroom with only a door is not enough, there needs to be one more: a glass door or a shower curtain, perhaps. Selecting which goes better will mainly depend on one’s budget, […]

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