Is It Time to Change Windows? Signs You Need Window Replacement

One of our beliefs here at Service Bath and Glass is that whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, the budget you allot for construction should be fully maximized. This is why we only advise Window Replacement only when it […]

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How to Make Your Sliding Glass Door Safer

Sliding Glass Doors is a great choice as a back door, second interior door, or access point through the porch or terrace. It provides excellent lighting and can make any space look bigger than it actually is. These and a […]

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Tips on How to Make your Bathroom Look Modern

Aside from providing a wide selection of glass and windows for both residential and commercial demands, we at Service Bath and Glass also offer friendly and professional advice in terms of design and functionality. We’ve met hundreds of clients who […]

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Things to Remember to Have Affordable Energy Efficient Windows

Window Replacement can be a headache for any homeowner or business owner, especially when they consider the process and cost. This is why we at Service Bath and Glass always tell our clients to make sure that when they replace […]

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Transparent vs Opaque Shower Glass Door: Pros & Cons

We previously published a blog article on choosing between a shower door and a shower curtain. If you are now leaning towards the glass door, it’s time to evaluate your bathroom once again and determine if you need a transparent […]

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How To Select Impact Resistant Windows

Having impact-resistant windows for people living in golf neighborhood or for increased security is a necessity. They will give you peace of mind and overall comfort. Here at Service Bath & Glass, we often recommend to our clients in this […]

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Tips on How You Can Have Energy-Efficient Windows

We at Service Bath & Glass always tell our customers that faulty windows are the thing of the past. They restrict air circulation and ventilation during the summer season, while lessening heat insulation during the colder months. Nowadays modern energy-efficient […]

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Benefits of Using Beveled Glass

Beveled glass is a decorative glass type that we at Service Bath & Glass highly recommend for residential purposes. With edges cut at a particular angle, it comes off with a polished look. It serves as a prism that functions […]

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Store Front Window Maintenance Tips

Keeping store windows in good condition for a long time is important for every business. Well-maintained windows can improve the safety and appearance of any establishment. Problem is, temperature, rain, debris, and dust can all add up to the significant […]

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Framed vs Frameless Shower Doors: Which One Should You Pick for Your Home?

We at Service Bath & Glass take pride in providing customers a wide range of shower doors to choose from. Homeowners deserve to find the perfect type and design based on their needs, taste, and budget. If you are currently […]

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