Beveled glass is a decorative glass type that we at Service Bath & Glass highly recommend for residential purposes. With edges cut at a particular angle, it comes off with a polished look. It serves as a prism that functions to refract the light. As a result, it creates an interesting rainbow effect.

If you are currently in the market for decorative glass, here are the reasons why beveled glass might just be for you.

Statement Pieces – Beveled glass will always be an elegant choice in designing your home. Your dining table will look more luxurious than ordinary glass. It functions as an excellent accent for your coffee table and other vintage pieces as well.

Additional Privacy – Alternatively, beveled glass can be used as a front door and decorative window. Blinds can sometimes be difficult to place, and this type of glass serves as a perfect solution to maintain your privacy in your home. We can help customize the glass to achieve your desired cut or shape.

Great Support – We know that over the years, glass tables have been increasingly popular among homeowners. But of course, a glass table top still has to be sturdy and secure. Beveled glass tables can support heavy objects. In fact, it serves as an excellent combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Highly Safe – Since it has polished edges, beveled glass is safe to place at home. If safety is your concern, especially for your kids, its sides are less prone to getting people cut by accident.

As you can see above beveled glass has a variety of use in different projects. If you are in need of some bevel glass designs for your home? Our team of well-trained professionals at Service Bath & Glass have the experience and expertise to get the job done in no time from our Grapevine location. For more information about our glass services, call or visit us for a free consultation and estimate for any home here in the Dallas, Fort Worth Texas area.