We at Service Bath & Glass always tell our customers that faulty windows are the thing of the past. They restrict air circulation and ventilation during the summer season, while lessening heat insulation during the colder months. Nowadays modern energy-efficient windows are the staple of every home and business as they can effectively prevent these problems from happening. So if your window still outdated or worn out? Here are some practical tips on how to have energy-efficient windows.

Seal the gaps – Some windows, especially older ones, are not sealed properly. Identifying the gaps and broken seals can be challenging since the naked eye does not readily see it at once. So do your best and make sure that all these gaps are filled and no large amounts of air can escape.

Install double glazed windows – Usually, double glazed windows are two layers separated by another layer of air. This functions to keep the warm air in the house and the colder air outside. In addition, it reduces indoor condensation.

Upgrade window frames – Energy-efficient window frames are much cheaper compared to replacing it with a new one. Note to always choose frames with a rating of 5 in the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS).

Install window films – Window films decrease the effects of conduction and convection, making your windows highly energy efficient. In addition, choose a solar control window film to block possible infrared and ultraviolet rays. It also shields your skin and furniture from direct sunlight and reduces the amount of heat gain inside the house.

Still place window curtains – Choosing heavy or thermal curtains may help you stay warm and comfortable. To maximize their efficiency, you can close the curtains when the temperature drops significantly at night. During the day, you can open them so that sunlight can come through.

More and more people today are switching energy-efficient windows to save on energy cost and to lessen carbon footprint. Call Service Bath & Glass in Grapevine for a free estimate for either your home or business in the Dallas, Fort Worth area and join in on the growing trend.