Sliding Glass Doors is a great choice as a back door, second interior door, or access point through the porch or terrace. It provides excellent lighting and can make any space look bigger than it actually is. These and a handful more compelling reasons are what set this type of door apart as a bestseller among homeowners and business owners alike.

On the flip side, almost 30% of burglaries in the United States happen from the less secure back door, which includes sliding glass doors. As much as they are efficient and beautiful, these doors can also be less fortified and put up less of a resistance. If you also have a glass door, here are some steps you can take to have a safer home without breaking the bank.

  • Cover your glass doors when not in use. One of the benefits of this door type is that it also acts as a window; you can have a clear vision of the outside. Unfortunately, your home and business can also be seen if you do not have some form of covering. Make sure to have blinds, drapes, or thicker and darker colored curtains available. You can also have window film installed.
  • Have laminated or impact glass installed. The problem with tempered glass is that it is prone to damage from external forces and shatter into small pieces. Having Impact-Resistant glass can help your home or business withstand not only intruders, but also hurricane winds and small animals.
  • Install additional locking mechanism. Are you still looking for more peace of mind? We then strongly suggest having padded protection such as more alarm sensors, glass break and vibration detector, armor latch, and security bar.
  • Hire professionals. Sliding glass doors need to be installed properly to be fully maximized and secured. Professional glass providers will also give you trusted materials which can last for years.

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