We at Service Bath & Glass take pride in supplying families high quality shower doors, mirrors, and windows. If you are currently remodeling or building a new bathroom, don’t hesitate to call us for professional assistance.

In the meantime check out these practical bathroom safety tips for seniors.

Tip #1: Know your enemy.

Water is your main enemy because it is the #1 cause of slip and fall accidents. Make sure that all your sources of water i.e. faucets, sink, and shower are properly installed and sealed when not in use. Next is to always have rugs, towels, and non-skid mats to clean up the bathroom.

Tip #2: Install a high quality and durable glass shower door.

Most shower curtains, especially the poorly fitting ones, tend to go beyond the shower area and drip all over the floor. You can replace them with a shatterproof glass shower door that is easy to use and durable enough to support someone in case of a slip.

Tip #3: Install grab bars.

This is likely one of the first things home safety advisors will tell you to install in your bathroom. It is also best to avoid suction cups because their integrity will decrease through time. We can help you customize shower doors with additional grab bars.

Tip #4: Use non-clear/transparent glass.

Seniors can get disoriented or confused if the bathroom is all white, has transparent glass doors/dividers, and reflective surfaces. We have a wide selection of glass finishes to help solve this problem. Feel free to check out our textured, tinted, patterned, frosted, fogged, and colored glass finishes and shower doors.

Tip #5: Check for potential cracks or dents.

Shower doors and mirrors, regardless of the quality and size, are still prone to cracks. Take time to wipe and thoroughly clean all glasses to make sure that no crack goes unnoticed. You can also call us for a free inspection so we can recommend if your bathroom needs glass or window replacement.

Visit our blog again for more information on safe, functional, and affordable glasses, windows, and mirrors for your home. Again, we at Service Bath & Glass are extending our invitation: Call us for more information and free estimate.