With a seemingly endless selection of mirrors for your home, it is becoming a challenge on how to utilize them and pick the best style that would complement each room. From reflecting light to creating an illusion of bigger space, mirrors are not simply for reflection anymore. Here are a few design tips you can follow when placing mirrors in your home.


  • The first place to start installing a mirror directly on the wall or mounted in a frame is the sink. You can upgrade this idea by placing a small magnifying mirror with an adjustable arm on the side. This will definitely be handy when you’re applying makeup and shaving.
  • You can make your bathroom look bigger by installing a mirror near or over the bath tub.


  • Backsplash is the most ideal kind of mirror for the kitchen. Position this spanning, horizontal mirror on the wall, just above the cabinets, drawers, and sink. While it boosts the kitchen’s size, it needs regular cleaning to avoid dirt building up and watermarks lasting.
  • It is advisable to sparingly place mirrors in the kitchen in general as they require more maintenance.


  • Never let the mirrors in your bedroom reflect clutter, the inside of your closets, or your actual bed. Also, don’t let the mirror be the first thing you see when you wake up.
  • If your room is small, you can place mirrors beside or across windows to let the light bounce around the room. This will make the space look bigger and allow natural light to fill the room.
  • Large mirrors, especially full-length ones, also help make the room bigger by creating an illusion of depth.

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