Store Front Glass

If you’re a business owner, it’s important your store front windows are installed correctly, attractive, and will hold up against intruders and the harsh Texas elements. Service Bath and Glass will install you brand new, tough store front windows in a very short time period so you can return to your normal uninterrupted business. Your store front windows should also match the look and feeling of your company.

We will easily take the needed measurements, cut the windows and install them in a very efficient time and for an excellent price. If you’re business has low quality, scratched, or worn out windows, it reflect on your business in a negative way. People rarely do business with a company that is not well kept up and that relates to actual establishment as well.

Getting new store front windows for your company is as easy as contacting us and setting up an appointment for us to pay you a visit and take the proper measurements. You’ll be amazed by how fast we get the job done and will be incredibly happy when the job is done and your business has brand new windows that look good and offer protection at the same time.

Types of Store Front Windows

There are many different types of windows you can have installed on the entry way of your establishment. Below is a list of some of these window types.

  • Aluminum Framed Windows – Stick framed windows that have sectional pieces have a different look and are primarily for business establishments, they also offer ease of replacement due to the smaller sections.
  • Frameless Glass – Frameless glass windows are generally used for more upper scale establishments like jewelry shops and restaurants. They offer a more personalized and luxurious look and feel.
  • Tinted Windows – Tinted windows are a necessity for many places due to the blistering hot Texas Summers. Tinted Windows can be used with both frameless and framed glass.
  • Safety Glass – Another option that is particularly nice for certain establishments like bars and pubs is glass that is designed to shatter upon heavy impact reducing the risks of deep cuts, punctures and lacerations.

Why Choose Service Bath and Glass?

At Service Bath and Glass you get the best in every regard, windows, hardware, installation and the installation crews are all the best there is. Our dedication to precise and highly efficient installation will guarantee a great job every time. Our team is ready to give you the commercial store front windows you need and desire.

Contact Us Today!

If you’re currently in need of excellent store front windows that are tough, installed correctly and built to last then Service Bath and Glass is the company for you. Simply call us to schedule an appointment and we will send out a technician to take measurements and give you a free estimate.