Decorative Glass

Ordinary Windows Are boring and add nothing to the aesthetics of a home. On the other hand we have decorative glass; it’s unique, elegant and adds a wonderful touch to an otherwise bland look and feeling of a home. Along with giving the ability to customize your home it has the unique property of being easily installed without serious construction needed to the home. Our team of experts will gladly install beautiful decorative glass in your home at an incredibly efficient speed.

We are fully aware that any work done on a home is typically very expensive and therefore work hard to give you the best job at the most affordable price. We aim to outshine your expectations and leave your home looking marvelous with brand new decorative glass.

Decorative Glass Options

  • Decorative Frames and Windows – We offer a full selection of gorgeous custom frames and windows for all exterior applications and several types of textured, colored and decorative patterns for the glass.
  • Decorative Doors and Patterned Glass – Doors created with decorative glass stand out from the rest and are a focal point for aesthetic purposes.
  • Interior Decorative Glass Options – In many new homes people are opting for interior windows and partitions that are created with beautiful and unique decorative glass options.

Why Service Bath & Glass?

At Service Bath & Glass we always aim to give the best level of service. Our team is composed of highly professional craftsman who love what they do. Each job is a unique opportunity to showcase our work and provide our customers with a unique glass and window installation. The installation will add the homes comfort and luxury in every way as well as adding to the value of the home.