Mirrored Doors

Having high quality custom mirrored doors for your home is a great way to add depth to your home. Mirrors add an illusion of space and are the excellent at creating a feeling of luxury.

Your home is an extension of you; it’s therefore natural to want to make it look good. Remodels and other additions to the home can cost a lot of money and are oftentimes out of our price range.

Adding custom mirrored doors to your home is one of the best ways to add a new feeling to your home and to create a feeling of added space without the extra room. Space gives us a feeling of freedom and in turn increases mood. If you’re looking to give your home a nice sense of peace and freedom, let Service Bath and Glass be your go to team.

Our Options

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors – Your bathroom vanity is there to help you look good, let Service Bath and Glass make sure your mirror looks good for you.

Closet Doors – Mirrored closet doors are great for helping you get ready in the morning; they also add depth to your room.

Interior Doors – Having a mirror on your door in your bedroom is excellent to add even more depth and save space by eliminating the need for a standing full length mirror.

Cabinets and Amours – We can build beautiful custom mirrored doors for all your bathroom and kitchen cabinets as well as any pieces of furniture you may have.

Why Service Bath and Glass?

We are exceptionally skilled in working with custom mirrored doors and accents. Highly professional and skilled, our team is dedicated to a level of service that is unequaled in the glass industry. Our methods are safe, sound and guaranteed. Our team is ready to give your home the glass that will take it from average to exceptional.

So if you’re thinking of having mirrored doors installed into your home or have any questions, please contact us today. We will schedule an appointment and send one of our specialists to give you a free consultation and estimate.