Glass Table Tops

Custom table tops are a great way to add a new accent to any home. Glass table tops are luxurious and strong and fit into any type of home or room. Service Bath and Glass are experts in creating beautifully designed glass tables for any table. Our team will work closely with you to design an ideal glass table top that matches your needs and expectations.

We know that the table in any room is often one of the focal points and draws a lot of attention. We will therefore work hard to ensure your table top accents the room and adds a new depth to the aesthetics of the home.

We are often commissioned to create glass table tops for any number of jobs. Below is a list of some of the most commonly requested glass table tops:

  • Dining Room Tables – Kitchen and dining room tables are one of the most commonly used tables in the home and a glass top will add a degree of class and luxury on these tables.
  • Patio Tables – Outdoor tables need a top that will hold up through harsh winters and hot summers. A thick glass table top is therefore ideal for a patio table.
  • Living Room Tables – Living room tables are the second most commonly used table in the home and a glass table top is the perfect accent for any home.
  • Other Miscellaneous Tables – Smaller night stands and other custom tables are great accents around a home. Even office dens can benefit from a glass table top for the desk.

Why Service Glass Table Tops?

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best service available. Our work always holds a 100% customer guaranteed satisfaction. We will work with you closely to design a glass table top that matches the vision you have.

Our team is composed of the most successful craftsman in the industry. We aim to create the most beautiful custom glass table top for your home at an affordable price you can afford.